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Amla- Natural Support For Vitamin C

Amla- Natural Support For Vitamin C

Amla or Indian gooseberry is a potent plant known for its numerous healing purposes in Ayurveda. It is said to be a rich source of Vitamin C and due to its other chemical compositions and anti-oxidant properties, termed as a “Superfood”.

Other Names of Amvala Are:

1. Amalaki
2. Amvala
3. Phyllanthus Emblica
4. Emblic myrobalan
5. Malacca tree

Chemical Composition of Rich Source of Vitamin C- Amla is:

1. It also has a high density of ellagitannins (a type of polyphenol) responsible for the bitter & sour taste.
2. It contains nutrients like Vitamin A.
3. Phyllanembilin and polyphenols like kaempferol.
4. Ellagic acid.
5. Flavonoids.
6. And gallic acid.

Shortlist of benefits of Amla to maintain health:

Due to the presence of various nutrients, antioxidant properties, mild laxative properties, This fruit helps to boosts immunity, reduces uric acid in the blood, and improves memory power.

Let’s discuss some other benefits :

amla benefits

1. Improves Digestion

Amla juice helps to regulate the bowel movements that improve the digestion power or Pachana Shakti of the body. The fiber content in Indian gooseberries or amla has a mild laxative property that helps flush out the unabsorbed waste (stool) from the body.
Pure Extract in Capsules is filled with a high proportion of Vitamin C that helps in the absorption of nutrients from food. We recommend you to use Giloy Plus Capsules to improve the resistance power of the body to fight chronic fevers like dengue & malaria.

2. Boosts Immunity

It is a powerhouse of Vitamin C. Thus, amla in all forms helps to improve the immunity power of the body that makes it an amazing immune booster. By consuming Amalaki regularly in your diet helps to increase the number of white blood cells and strengthens the resistance power of the body. Theis fruit raises the immunity power of the body to safeguard you from infections, VIRUSES, diseases, and allergies.

3. Brain Health

By fighting against free radicals in the body that can easily damage brain cells or nerves, amla helps to maintain or repair the damaged nerves & cells of the brain. The antioxidant properties in amla or gooseberry help in improving brain health. It helps to improve memory power & concentration power also.

4. Improves Eyesight

Amla contains Vitamin A also that is required to improve weak eyesight. Daily eating it or drinking amla juice daily helps in relieving health problems such as itching, watering eyes, cataracts, and prevents reddening of eyes. Besides, it also helps in lowering the risk of age-related ailments.

5. Diabetes

Amla juice helps to regulate the glucose level in the blood that helps diabetics to live a healthy life more easily. This amazing herb helps to slow down the rate of the body’s absorption power of sugar. Thus, it helps to improve the glucose metabolism in the body that helps to maintain blood sugar levels.
Jeevan Herbal Tip: Daily eating a raw Indian gooseberry in the morning may help you to maintain insulin levels in the body.

6. Relieves Pain

Amla fruit helps to balance the Vata dosha in the body. Due to unbalanced Vata dosha or element, a person can suffer from chronic diseases like joint aches or pain, mouth ulcers, arthritis, and body pain. Regular consumption of this it improves the mobility of the body and relieves joint or arthritis pain due to its anti-inflammatory property.

7. Amla usefulness for Hair

It contains antifungal and antiviral properties that make it the best natural hair tonic that helps in reducing hair dandruff, increasing hair volume, preventing hair loss, to strengthens hair follicles, increasing blood circulation to the scalp, and helps to slow down the greying/whitening of the hair.
Jeevan Herbal Tip for silky, shiny, and long hair: Apply an amla powder hair mask before washing your hair once a week.


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