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Best home remedies to lower Cholesterol

What is Cholesterol?


Cholesterol is a waxy substance. It’s not inherently “bad”. Your body needs to build cells and make vitamins and other important hormones. However, too much cholesterol can pose a problem.

It comes from two sources. Your liver makes all the cholesterol you need. The rest of the cholesterol in your body comes from animal foods. For example, meat and dairy products all contain high cholesterol.

There are two types of cholesterol:

HDL (High-Density Protein)

HDL cholesterol is good for you because it carries cholesterol away from the body.

LDL (Low-Density Protein)

LDL cholesterol is bad because it can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Cause of Cholesterol

It is a natural substance present in our blood. It is responsible for carrying lipids and fats through the bloodstream. When its levels are high, it can cause many health problems.

The main causes of cholesterol are:

Unbalanced diet:-

un balanced diet

To reduce the high cholesterol due to an unbalanced diet, reduce the intake of high-fat foods like red fatty meat, butter, cheese, cake, ghee, etc. This is the most effective way to reduce cholesterol.

Alcohol abuse:-

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Consumption of alcohol can lead to high levels of LDL in your blood. It can also lead to high triglycerides, a type of fat found in your blood that causes inflammation, plaque buildup, and hardening of your arteries.



There is a feeling of anxiety and tension caused by impending danger or danger. When people are under stress, they smoke, consume alcohol, and eat fatty foods to calm themselves down.

The stress we feel in our lives can be overwhelming at times. We often try to avoid it by doing unhealthy habits like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. However, these habits only make the situation worse as it causes more harm.

Symptoms of cholesterol include:

– Stomach ache

– Shortness of breath

– Pain in the chest

– Chills or fever

– Cyanosis (blue skin)

– Get hurt easily

– Headache

– Obesity

– Loss of appetite

– Chest pain or discomfort

Home Remedies for Cholesterol

There are many home remedies for cholesterol. Some of these home remedies include:



Walnuts are a fruit that has been used for centuries as a cholesterol remedy. It is also rich in antioxidants and minerals that help reduce the risk of heart disease.

Walnuts have been proven to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol, triglycerides, and LDL  in the body. It also helps in maintaining normal blood pressure and preventing heart disease and stroke.



Garlic is a beneficial vegetable for controlling cholesterol. It contains antioxidants, vitamin C, and other nutrients that help reduce cholesterol levels. Garlic is one of the most popular home remedies for HDL. It also has many other benefits such as lowering blood pressure, fighting cancer, and boosting the immune system.


milk and oats

Oats are a great way to reduce cholesterol. Oats contain lots of fiber which reduces the amount of cholesterol in our body. Oats may also aid in weight loss and heart health. They are a good source of protein and also contain iron and magnesium.



Lemon is considered one of the healthiest fruits because of its many benefits, such as: It controls cholesterol levels Contains high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants * It is a great source of fiber, which may help reduce the risk of heart disease.


Flaxseed is a natural remedy for cholesterol. Flaxseed is rich in nutrients and fiber. Flaxseed is used to lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. The use of flaxseed has been high for centuries.

It has been used as a remedy for many health problems including cholesterol. The seeds are often ground into a powder or hull and then soaked in water or milk before consumption. Flaxseed is also consumed raw with water or juice, which is more beneficial as it provides fiber to the body.

Amla :-


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Amla is one such fruit that has been used to treat cholesterol. It contains antioxidants that help reduce bad cholesterol levels and prevent heart attacks. Amla reduces inflammation in the body. Amla lowers cholesterol by inhibiting the production of LDL, which can lead to heart disease and stroke.

Raisin :-


Soak some raisins and 6 to 7 almonds in water overnight. Consuming almonds and raisins on an empty stomach in the morning also helps in controlling cholesterol. Cholesterol patients should consume them regularly, keep in mind that if you have sugar then do not consume raisins.

Bark of Arjun:-

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Take some Arjuna bark and put it in a glass of water and heat this water. Heat it till the water boils and reduces to half. Now let it cool down, and drink this decoction-like tea when it cools down, it is an effective home remedy to reduce cholesterol.




Start using these natural home remedies today and boost your health and immunity

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