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Home remedies to stop hair fall


Hairfall has become a common problem. As soon as possible it is very important to treat it. Due to pollution, lifestyle and bad food habits of people have become so bad that it directly affects our hair. The chemical based hair products are also one of the main reason of hair fall. For best results from hair fall diseases you can try home remedies which has no side effects also.

According to the knowledge and scriptures of Ayurveda, hair fall occurs due to imbalance of pitta energy in the body. It is advisable to reduce the intake of hot, spicy, salty and sour foods to balance pitta.

What is hairfall?

Hair loss is a condition in which a person’s hair follicles grow abnormally rapidly. This can be due to genetics, stress, disease or other factors.

Hair fall has become a common problem in the last few years. Actually, it is said that every other person is facing this problem. Many people have premature hair loss and have to go for treatments like hair transplantation and/or wigs.

Causes of Hairfall

Hair fall is a common problem nowadays. This has become a major concern for many people. It is very common that people’s hair falls out prematurely.

There are so many reasons that can cause hair loss. These include genetic factors, hormonal changes, aging, dietary and lifestyle habits, stress, and certain medical conditions such as anemia and thyroid problems.

The reasons for hair loss are discussed below

Genetic factors: Hair loss can be due to genetic factors as well as environment. If one or both parents have hair loss faster than normal, there is a high chance that their children will inherit the tendency from them as well

Hormonal changes: Hormones play an important role in regulating the hair growth cycle and if they are not properly

There are many reasons that can cause hair loss. Stress, unhealthy eating habits and lack of sleep can all lead to hair loss. There are also many other causes of hair loss that you should be aware of such as hormonal changes and medical conditions such as thyroid problems and anemia.

Some ways to stop hairfall

The first step in preventing hair loss is to identify the cause of your hair loss. Once you have identified the cause then you can take remedial measures accordingly.

Some ways to stop hair fall are as follows:

  • By reducing stress, eating a proper diet, adopting proper hair grooming techniques and if possible using hair loss medications
  • Treatments such as Ayurvedic herbs or shampoos that contain ingredients such as saw palmetto or minoxidil may help with some cases of hair loss.
  • One way to stop hair fall is to use castor oil treatment.

Home remedies to stop hairfall

1.Onion juice 

onion oil

Onion juice is a natural ingredient that has been used for centuries to treat hair loss. It is rich in Sulphur, B vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy hair

Some people use onion juice as an overnight treatment to reduce hair fall. They massage their heads with it before sleeping. Others use it as a rinse after shampooing their hair.

2.Coconut oil 

coconut oil

It’s a common fact that oil is the absolute best when it comes to freckles. in such a wrong way

There are many benefits of oil massage. It helps prevent hair loss, stimulates the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. Apart from this, it also helps in removing dandruff from the scalp and makes the scalp clean and healthy.

3.Henna and fenugreek powder 

Henna and fenugreek powder are mixed to form a paste that is applied to the scalp and left there for some time before rinsing off with plain water. This process needs to be repeated every few weeks to get the desired results. It has been used for generations to control hair loss




Amla is also known as Indian Gooseberry. It works wonders when applied to the hair, especially when you are dealing with the problem of hair fall. For this, mix dry amla or amla powder with coconut oil and heat it till it turns black, then cool it at room temperature and apply it on the roots of your hair.

5.Neem leaves


The therapeutic properties of neem make it a complete herb to prevent hair fall. For this, boil neem leaves and grind them, and apply this paste on the shampooed hair. Wash the hair thoroughly after 30 minutes. Repeat this process 2 times a week

6.PITT Nashak tea

pitt tea

Pitt Nashak tea can be used as a hair loss medicine

Pitta Nashak tea has antioxidant properties that help prevent hair fall and promote hair growth. Hence it can also be used as a remedy for dandruff

This tea stimulates blood flow to the scalp and improves microcirculation, hence can also be used as a dandruff remedy

Acidity, hair fall, halitosis, constipation, loose stools, liver and kidney damage, urinary infection etc. in male and female. The imbalance of Pitta dosha can lead to 40 types of diseases. PITT Nashak Tea is a combination of a variety of Ayurvedic herbs, specially designed for individuals with pitta dosha

Jeevan Herbal Hair Oil

Jeevan Herbal’s Hair Oil is formulated with proven and time-tested ingredients like Amla and Coconut to nourish the hair. Our blend of herbs like Tulsi, Rosemary and Lavender provides a natural way to treat hair fall and give instant shine to your hair. The antioxidants contained in this product also help to remove dandruff from the scalp and promote healthy hair growth

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