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Increase height :- Everyone wants to a good height. But, those extra inches in height growth become a very challenging task for many peoples. If you are insecure about your height and you want to increase your height to flaunt your confidence. If you wish to have the great height growth treatment to increase height, then we are here with the best information with the help of home remedies for height growth, you can easily become extra inches taller.

Causes of growth deficiencies

Growth hormones deficiencies :

Under normal circumstances, Growth hormones promote the growth of body tissues. Children with partial or complete growth hormones deficiency will not be able to maintain a healthy growth rates.


Children with hypothyroidism have an underactive thyroid gland. The thyroid is responsible for release hormones that promote normal growth of the height, so delay growth is a possible sign of an underactive thyroid.

Not taking enough calories:

90% of children aren’t growing height because they aren’t consuming enough calories.

Pancreatic problems:

Children who can’t properly digest their food because their pancreas has poor capacity they may also not gain weight well. In this scenario a child may have bulky, loose, foul smelling and greasy stool as symptoms (as in Cystic Fibrosis).

Genetic disorder:

Some children may have any of a varieties of genetic disorders that can affect height gain, requiring an evaluation by a specialists.

Exercises for height gain

Exercises are the best way to help you grow taller and achieve your maximum height, naturally. Some exercises also can help you to grow your height .



Skipping rope is one of the best thing that you must learn when you trying to reach your maximum height. Skipping rope also increased your blood supply and exerts pressure on the long bones of your body to grow in height. Skipping rope is very helpful for height gain.

Sides bend


Side bends is one exercise that will help you to increase height. You have to stand vertically on your feet and kept flat on the floor, bend your body sideways and stretch as far as you can. Hold the position for 15 seconds and repeat it with the other side of your body. Do this exercise everyday as a part of your workout schedule and see the difference for yourself.

Cobra pose


This exercise is easy to be done but required a great precision and concentration while doing cobra pose it . Lie down flat on the floor with your chest or facing down. Keep your lower body still and lift your upper body and try to stretch as much as it possible. Cobra pose is very effective pose to increase height. After that Hold the position for 15 seconds and bring your body back to the initial position slowly. The exercise stretched the upper body and helps you grow taller very fast.

Lying two-way stretches


Lie flat on the floor and your chest must face up, and your arms rest on the floor straight above your head. Stretched your arms and legs simultaneously. Hold this position for 30 seconds before bringing arms and legs to rest.

Best home remedies for height gain

Ashwagandha is beneficial for height gain


Ashwagandha is the height growth solution. This Ayurvedic herb contains various nutrients and rich components that can help to strengthen your bones and tissues. Ashwagandha has become the best natural remedy for increase height growth.

Eat Food Enriched With Vitamin D is helpful for height gain


Vegetables and fruits which contain vitamin D are the best sources for your height-increasing. Vitamin D is highly vital for your body. Vitamin D enriched food can quickly boost nutrient components in the body to increase your height growth.

For Height Gain Nutritional Natural Herbs is very helpful


Amla , Mulethi , Giloy , Guggul , and Shatavari are best natural herbs that can help to increase your height gain. These Ayurvedic herbs contain various nutrients components that can help to improve your height growth naturally.

Eat Green Vegetables also help to grow taller


Green vegetables are the great source of nutrients that contain vitamins, minerals, and proteins which can help to enhance good health and height. But, most important, green leafy vegetables are healthy enough to reduce the chance of diseases and infections naturally and promote height growth.


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