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Sanitary Pads

Original price was: ₹199.Current price is: ₹179.

Only 12% of the 355 million menstruation women in India utilised sanitary pads. Unsanitary clothing, ashes, and husk sand are among the surprising options used by almost 88 percent of women.

We all refer to our daughters or daughters-in-law as “Ghar Ki Laxmi,” therefore why are people still suffering from poor health? Why are women not concerned about their health when men can spend 50-100 RS per day on tabocoo, cigarettes, or alcohol, all of which are hazardous to their health? Yes. Why?

Answer: Cost plus the necessity to change 3-4 times per day…oops…the middle class can’t afford to buy 3-4 packets in a single menstrual cycle.

Solution: Close your eyes and inhale the JEEVAN HERBAL. There’s no need to consider or adjust the pricing three or four times a day.


Sanitary Pads

Sanitary Pads for Women offer maximum protection and comfort during your period. Pads are designed to provide the ultimate in convenience, comfort, and protection, allowing you to enjoy those days to the fullest.

Jeevan sanitary pads are made entirely of organic materials. It features a thin layer of additional cotton that helps to remove odour, itching, and stress. Our finest sanitary pads for heavy flow relieve period discomfort while also preventing bacterial and fungal infections. They also help to keep urinary tract infections at bay (UTI). It is a 100% organic herbal pad manufactured of the finest cotton, which contributes to the pads’ extremely soft surface.

Germ-lock technology in cotton sanitary pads provides the best hygienic protection, locking up to 100 percent of dampness, odour, and germs. It’s approximately 40% longer for longer-lasting coverage so you don’t have to worry about your periods. Its dri-weave cover absorbs blood quickly and has a pleasant aroma that keeps you feeling fresh all day.

Women will be able to spend stress-free and rash-free periods of time by utilising the Jeevan herbal sofy pad. This will help to prevent leaks and dampness. Our period pads are made entirely of 100 percent pure cotton and are gentle on the skin.

The qualities of organic sanitary pads are:

Pads made with 100% pure cotton:

Our all-natural, ultra-soft cotton sheets are dermatologically proven to keep you dry and comfy all day. Cotton is a natural fabric that is also used in sanitary pads that are made entirely of cotton and are a fantastic choice for those looking for a sustainable and ecologically friendly solution. These pads are constructed of the highest grade cotton to offer the highest level of hygiene and comfort for the ladies who use them.

14 Coated Sanitary Pads With Liners:

This box includes 14 pads that are effective at controlling heavy flow. Coated Sanitary Pads With Liners are a more modern sanitary pad that protects against the elements. They’re comprised of a soft, protective coating that may be utilised for both everyday and heavy-duty protection. Gyms, schools, hospitals, and even the workplace can benefit from the use of these pads. The Coated Sanitary Pads With Liners are made to give you long-lasting comfort while keeping you dry and clean.

Comfortable, rash-free sanitary napkins for women:

It’s a great choice for women who wish to feel at ease when using their sanitary pads while also avoiding rashes. The new “Comfy” sanitary pad was intended to be a comfortable, rash-free, and infection-preventing sanitary pad.

The formula is easy on the skin since there are no chemicals or parabens:

It is critical for women to have a high-quality, skin-friendly sanitary pad. It shouldn’t include parabens or other chemicals and should be constructed of hypoallergenic materials. The best sanitary pads are manufactured entirely of cotton and are free of any chemicals that could cause allergies or irritations. The best sanitary pads are also extremely absorbent, making them ideal for ladies with heavy flow periods.

Safe and eco-friendly organic sanitary pads:

Organic pads have grown increasingly popular among environmentally conscious consumers, but which ones are the best?

Organic sanitary pads are becoming increasingly popular. They are a popular choice among ladies who are concerned about their health and prefer to consume less toxins. Menstrual management can be made more sustainable and environmentally friendly by using organic sanitary pads. The various eco-friendly solutions on the market today have varying price tags and benefits. Some organic sanitary pads are made from natural materials like cotton, while others are made from traditional materials like paper pulp.


M.R.P. : Rs.199


Why choose Jeevan Herbal:

1.With organic pads from Women’s Choice, you’ll feel confident, dry, and fresh.

2.The application of additional cotton-based thin layers.

3.You only need one sanitary pad every day.

4.Professionals recommend it.

5.The cost is affordable.

5.Eliminate odour and itching to relieve stress.

7.Relieves infection-related menstrual discomfort.

8.Prevent infection of the urinary tract (UTI).

9.Aid in the remission of prostate cancer in women (after 40 years). 


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