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Hey Girls, Shatavari, also known as Lady Fruit, is an Indian famous herb found in native India (famous ayurvedic herb) that is mostly recommended by Indian as well as international doctors to their patients and loved ones for fertility issues, lower stress, anxiety, digestion/ acidity issues, milk production, and control Diabetes 8 . Have this twice a day with an appropriate gap between them and watch the magic happen in your body shape over the next six days.




Shatavari is a well-known Indian herb that is frequently used in the treatment of “Sukita roga.” This well-known Ayurvedic herb works as a natural antidepressant and immune booster for women. It is known as “Lady Fruit” because it is a true natural woman’s health caretaker. Shatavari powder has numerous advantages, including managing fertility issues, reducing stress and anxiety, managing digestion and acidity issues, regulating milk production, and controlling diabetes. Shatavari Extract (Jeevan Herbal) is beneficial to both men and women because of its antioxidant properties, which relieve depression and stress.

Key benefits of Shatavari Capsules:

The most effective Ayurvedic Shatavari Extract Capsules for lactation regulation:

It’s also known as a natural nutritive tonic for women that promotes lactating mothers’ healthy milk production. Its powder is used to supplement breast milk. Women’s milk production is aided by these Reasonable Shatavari capsules.

Best natural remedy for menstrual pain:

The best natural remedy for menstrual pain helps to balance the female hormones that keep the menstrual cycle in check. Even the best Ayurvedic Capsules can aid in the recovery of blood lost during the menstrual cycle. As a result, pure Shatavari benefits not only help to regulate menstrual problems, but also to improve women’s reproductive health. It may also increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Organic Shatavari Powder (100%):

The best rejuvenating Ayurvedic herb, Shatavari Capsules, helps to relax the body, strengthens and nourishes the tissues. Women, in particular, need true natural vitality support. It’s a natural health supplement that nourishes, cleanses the blood, flushes out toxins, and detoxifies the body naturally. Shatavari is best ayurvedic medicine for sex ,it helps to improve men’s wellness issues.

Shavatari dietary supplement acts as natural Immunity booster:

The pure extract is a powerful immune stimulator that aids in the natural strengthening of the immune system to fight and overcome illness caused by viruses, infections, and bacteria. Shatavari herb has a healing power that can help to manage problems like heartburn, colitis, hyperacidity, and stomach ulcers. It is the most effective natural support for both men and women in maintaining a healthy immune system that benefits both their physical and mental health.

Here are some more advantages:

i) Lowers cholesterol levels:- Pure Shatavari root powder contains various compounds such as flavonoids and ascorbic acid,which help to increase cholesterol excretion and reduce bad cholesterol while also promoting the production of good cholesterol, lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease.

ii) A diuretic is a substance that causes the body to lose water:- It is diuretic in nature, which means that taking the Capsules on a regular basis may help to improve the functioning of the urinary bladder and alleviate urination problems.

iii) Helps with digestion: One of the main advantages is that it aids digestion.By stimulating the activity of digestive enzymes such as lipase and amylase, Best Capsules aids digestion and metabolism. Lipase helps with fat digestion, while amylase helps with carbohydrate digestion.

iv) It may aid in the removal of kidney stones:- Shatavari’s diuretic properties make it useful in the treatment of kidney stones. Asparagus Racemosus is also anti-urolithiasis, meaning it speeds up the process of dissolving stones and prevents the formation of new ones.

v) Strengthens the immune system:- Sapogenin, a potent agent for stimulating immune cells, is found in pure Shatavari Root Powder. Asparagus Racemosus (Pure Shatavari Extract Capsules) boosts the body’s defences against disease-causing agents. Sapogenins also stimulate infection-fighting cells by outnumbering infection-causing cells.

vi) Female Reproductive System:- Females can benefit from shatavari because its main components, such as saponins, can help regulate the hormone oestrogen. It is beneficial for females because it helps to regulate menstrual cycles, PMS symptoms, menstrual cramps, and blood deficiency.

Key Ingredients are:

  • Pure Shatavari Extract

 Who Can use  :

  1. Men above the age of 16
  2. Women above the age of 16


60 Capsules

Who Can use  :

1 capsule daily with a glass of Lukewarm milk, or as directed by your doctor


M.R.P. Rs.399


Safety Information:

  1. Before using, read the label carefully.
  2. Keep out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place.
  3. Keep it out of children’s reach.
  4.  Before using, double-check that the seal is still intact

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