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Sugar Control


This pack of 60 Capsules enrich with Amla, Gokhru , Giloye, karela, Neemkori will protect you from Sugar/ Diabetes.
We get Sugar disease because of Insulin , hormone made by the pancreas, helps glucose from food get into your cells to be used for energy. Let’s get your sugar level under control with the help of Sugar Control Capsules. It’s a 100% guaranteed treatment made by pure herbal without any side effects. Let’s have 2 capsules in a day with appropriate gap and see the magic in just 4 days.



Sugar Control

Jeevan Herbal Sugar Control Capsules are made of effective natural herbs to regulate the higher levels of Diabetes/Madhumeh/Sugar in the human body.
This unique combination of herbs in sugar control capsules is an excellent herbal remedy to control diabetes naturally.

Sugar Balance is the best natural supplement for diabetics as it cures sugar naturally. This herbal supplement for diabetic care helps to normalize blood sugar levels and also helps with sugar metabolism.

It is purely herbal and ayurvedic medicine or dietary supplement to manage sugar levels. It not only controls the sugar level but also stimulates liver health and improves metabolism also. This 100% organic formula to manage sugar is power-packed with such nutrients and herbs that act as a preventative in predisposition to diabetes. The herbs are sourced from the best farms to ensure that only the most potent ingredients are present in Ayurvedic diabetes capsules is a natural diabetes control solution.


Top 5 Key Benefits of best ayurvedic diabetes capsules:


1. Best Organic Capsules to manage Blood Sugar Levels –

Natural Sugar Control to lower blood glucose levels is the blend of the most effective and proven herbs that helps to lower blood sugar levels naturally. 100 % vegetarian, chemical-free and non-toxic organic sugar control method that helps to alleviate high sugar levels. It also helps to reduce sugar and carbs absorption in the blood.

2. Boosts Metabolism –

Madhumeh diabetes control (blood glucose control) is a natural diabetes supplement that boosts the metabolism rate that will not allow to raise the sugar levels in the body and helps to secrete insulin properly. Thus, it will control the sugar cravings and will improve the rate of digestion in diabetics. This ayurvedic sugar control supplement is very imperative for living a healthy life.

3. Natural Diabetes Care Dietary Supplement Boosts Immunity –

our carefully sourced and all-natural ingredients are powerful antioxidants and boost your body’s immunity against diseases. Total herbal formulation enriched with the goodness of Amla, Gokhru Giloye, karela, Neemkori that will regulate the blood glucose levels in the body. It is the best ayurvedic madhumeh control Formula for Diabetic Patients to regulate their blood glucose levels in the body to live a healthier life!

4. Increased Energy Levels –

Sugar Control is a natural diabetes medicine that will not only help to regulate the high blood sugar levels but also provide enough energy that makes a diabetic person remain active throughout the day. Best Ayurvedic sugar control supplements are derived from a traditional formula that is a combination of ingredients to support common problems associated with the onset of a high amount of sugar in the blood.

5. Prevents Diseases-

Natural diabetic care remedy or pure sugar control capsules helps to overcome health problems like frequent urination, excessive appetite, unwanted body weight fluctuation. This 100% pure diabetes control solution is an ayurvedic formulation of certain ayurvedic herbs with diuretic, anti-diabetic, anti-lipidemic, antioxidant, rejuvenating & hypoglycemic properties also.

Key Ingredients in Best Natural Sugar Control Capsules

1. Amla (Emblica Officinalis FR) 500mg
2. Methi (Tregnella Foenum- Graecu SD) 600mg
3. Gokhru (Tribulus Terrestis Fr) 500mg
4. Giloy (Tinsopora Cordifolia ST) 600mg
5. Karela (Momordica Charanatioa Fr) 700mg
6. Gharetkumari (Aloe Barbandensis RZ) 600mg
7. Jamun (Syzygiwm Cuminii SD) 800mg
8. Neemkori (Azadirachata Indiea) 900mg
9. Gudar (Gymnema Syluvestre LF) 1000mg

Who can use the Sugar Control product:

• Diabetics
• Obese
• Fitness Conscious
• Weight Conscious

Directions For Use:

1. 2 capsules of Jeevan Herbal Sugar Control to control diabetes naturally.
2. Take a capsule twice a day or as directed by the physician.


60 Capsules

M.R.P. Rs.350

Safety Information:

1. Read the label carefully before use.
2. Store in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.
3. Place out of reach of the children.
4. Check the seal is intact before use.

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