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Waat Nashak Tea

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Get Rid of WAAT DOSH such as joint pain, shoulder ache, cervical, B.P., Arthiritis, Acidity, Spine Discomfort, Back Pain even after Cegerian, Anxiety, and so on. A Waat Dosha imbalance can result in 80 different diseases. Waat Nashak tea is a blend of ayurvedic herbs created specifically for people who have the Waat dosha. It also lubricates body tissues and is responsible for the body’s balanced growth.

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Waat Nashak Tea

Waat Nashak  Tea is the greatest when it comes to stomach issues, dry skin, dehydration, and soreness. Individuals who are Vata dominant are more anxious and frustrated. Anyone can balance the level of wind and space elements in the body by drinking Jeevan Herbal Waat Nashak Tea.

It’s a caffeine-free, all-natural green tea. An excellent detoxifier that also aids in immunity building. This Waat Nashak tea is packed with health benefits that help to improve overall wellness (Mind, Body & Soul). It is thought to increase energy, control blood sugar and cholesterol levels, and reduce stress.

What teas are beneficial to Waat Dosha:

This Ayurvedic Waat Nashak tea is frequently recommended as an herbal tea containing warming spices and herbs, such as ginger, cinnamon, and cardamom, that are supposed to assist the Vata type. This hot ginger tea made with fresh ginger root is a perfect everyday beverage for Vata types.


Key benefits of Best Waat Nashak Tea:

Herbs for Waat dosha promote digestion in the finest green tea:

Ginger tea is one of the most helpful herbal teas for balancing the body’s waat level. Ginger can aid in enhancing the digestive system by igniting the digestive fire, or “Jata Agni.” This herbal tea for waat dosha pacification is also beneficial for clearing “Ama” or toxins from the body, and it is especially beneficial for Vata-Kapha types. The best green tea for waat-pitta dosha is mineral and vitamin-rich:

Waat Nahak Tea also strengthens the immune system and cleanses the body’s organs, allowing the body to function normally. It can also help with skin issues, which are a prevalent problem among people who have a high level of waat in their bodies.

Waat herbal medicine relieves pain and discomfort:

Jeevan Herbal Waat Nashak tea is a blend of several ayurvedic herbs that relieve pain associated with joints, shoulders, cervical discomfort, spine pain, back pain, and arthritis. Prakritik tea for vata pitta dosha is developed specifically for people who have these kinds of issues.

Other health advantages of the best green tea for waat dosha include:

Waat Nashak Herbal Tea will assist you in overcoming health issues such as gas, bloating, and cramps, as well as treating constipation and increasing nutrition absorption. Toxins are burned, the nervous system is strengthened, tension is reduced, and strength and rejuvenation are increased.

Waat Nashak Tea will help to balance waat dosha in the following ways:

  1. By lowering your stress and tension levels.
  2. By lowering anxiety and depression levels.
  3. By offering a relaxing environment
  4. By balancing emotional ups and downs
  5. Increased concentration.

How to Reduce waat in the body:

External remedies for waat imbalance include:

  1. Dress warmly and in layers.
  2. Massage your body and head on a daily basis.
  3. Avoid fasting or going for long periods of time on an empty stomach.
  4. Take steam baths on a regular basis.
  5. Use gentle purifying methods such as Basti or Vamana 

Key Ingredients in the best organic herbal tea for waat dosha:

1. Licorice
2. Fennel
3. Cardamom
4. Ginger

Who Can Use Waat Nashak Tea:

Anybody above the age of 14


120 gram

M.R.P. Rs.499


Safety Information:

  1. Before using, read the label carefully.
  2. Store in a cool, dry location out of direct sunlight.
  3. Keep out of children’s reach.


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