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Shilajit is used in ayurvedic medicine for sex stamina. The herb can be used to treat a wide range of diseases strength, stamina, and vigor have always been considered beneficial with it. Physical weakness can be eliminated with shilajit. This is rich in vitamins and minerals that are good for you. Consuming them will also improve your sexual life. When you suffer from fatigue and stress, your enthusiasm and stamina decrease. It can help with this of its primary uses in men wellness issues. It has been used for centuries as a rejuvenating agent. It is found in Himalayas.


  • It has antibacterial and antiviral properties and is used to restore natural body balance.
  • It rejuvenates the body and relieves stress and anxiety.
  • It increase sperm count.
  • Improve male weakness & sex power.
  • Increase strength & stamina.
  • Combat sexual problem.
  • Boosts energy and sex power.

Erectile dysfunction caused by shilajit

 The testosterone level in normal men is between 300 and 900 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl). A person’s sexual drive is determined by testosterone, as well as their  sexual appetite desires and vigour . An aging person loses testosterone level. It increases flow of blood to penis so as to help in erectile dysfunction. Makes your penis firm and strong to withstand rough sexual activity. Having a stronger and harder penis helps you have an enjoyable sex / honeymoon night. It reduces erectile dysfunction and increases sexual performance.

Enhances libido

Taking this supplement regularly will lead to an enlargement of the will also improve semen production. . In addition, it  increases stamina and boosts libido

Sperm motility improves with this supplement

 Motility of the sperm is defined as the ability to move toward an egg. Sperm quality has an effect on motility. There is evidence that shilajit increases sperm motility by over 50 percent. As a result, fertility is increased and one’s sexual health is improved.

Shilajit enhances sexual performance.

As well as preventing premature ejaculation, this supplement helps keep erections long-lasting. It contains useful antioxidants and minerals, which help maintain the flow of blood to the male reproductive system. Furthermore, this supplement can ease anxiety and stress, resulting in improved sexual arousal and enhanced sexual potency. Additionally, it can reduce chronic fatigue and boost energy levels. In turn, this can improve sexual performance.

Shilajit  increase sperm production

In ayurvedic medicine, sperm production is stimulated and sperm count is significantly increased. According to some experts, shilajit can increase the total sperm count by almost 62 percent. It can help you overcome impotence as well.

Precaution of shilajit

  • The pure form of shilajit might cause your body to produce more uric acid. As a result, uric acid levels need to be monitored regularly if you are taking shilajit and uric acid-lowering drugs together.
  • A high dose of shilajit can cause a burning sensation in the body due to an imbalance of pitta dosha due to its potency.
  • Pregnant should be avoided to take this supplement.


Direction to use :

  • After meals, take 1 or 2 capsules with milk or warm water.
  • Do this for 2-3 months to see better results.


shilajeet capsules

Shilajeet Plus Capsules are made from pure extracts of Shilajit and are prepared using a well planned and specified natural process.It is a natural dietary supplement that helps with bone fractures, low testosterone, fatigue, irregular heartbeat, sleeplessness, physical strength, men’s well-being and impotence, and other things.It mainly addresses the sexual inadequacy and issues of men. It is best for men that helps to increase energy, stamina and vitality.




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